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Ultimate data security with the


the 1st stand alone data centre system of its kind...


Zybert GEM/S is a stand alone secure data centre offering storage, back up, archiving, email, networking and IT security. The system also provides secure remote access which complies with the Data Protection Act utilising SPOK ( Secure Portable Office Key)

As a business you are responsible for protecting your data, ensuring data you keep is not misplaced, deleted or accessed by unauthorised persons. Data loss can damage your busines.

Saving you time & worry 

Zybert GEM/S is unique as it is the 1st dedicated system that performs data security functions autonomously and automatically as a stand alone system.

Competitor solutions require multiple and complex system components and a good degree of IT know-how in order to perform a similar function to the Zybert GEM/S

The Zybert GEM/S has been developed through a process of continual improvement using feedback from paying clients.

Compare your system to the GEM/S...


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